Scrubcheats: 56 Clinical Cheatsheets for Nurses

Born out of the need for quick access to critical information on the clinical floor when you might not have your phone close by, Scrubcheats are insanely durable, full color, pocket-sized nursing cheatsheets that fit right inside your scrubs.

Created by experienced ED and ICU NRSNG nurse educators

What is included:

56 laminated (nurse-proof) cards

Removable ring for easy storage and customization

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Color Coded/Laminated

  • COLOR CODED - each cheatsheet is color coded by system to keep you organized
  • LAMINATED - the sheets are "nurse proof" and laminted to deal with everything you encounter on a shift
  • FULL COLOR - every image is full color and printed in the highest quality inks
  • QR CODES - Scannable QR codes to access premium online content
  • POCKET SIZED - at 4X6 inches, the Scrubcheats fit inside your scrub pockets
  • ESSENTIAL INFORMATION - includes the most critical clinical information that you need access to on the floor (cardiac, neuro, respiratory, pharmacology, labs, ob, peds, fundamentals)

What people are saying...

I love these. As a new nurse, I'm using these on a daily basis. They are light and fit comfortably in my scrub pocket. The information in here will be so helpful on the floor.


These are AWESOME. As promised, they fit in my scrub pockets, and contain easy to read information.   It comes with a ring so I can take all or some of the cards with me. I cannot wait for clinicals to start! 


I bought the ScrubCheats for a friend who was graduating, as a gift. She absolutly loves it. My only regret was not getting myself a copy. Definatly going to get another!



Everything You Need On Clinical - At Your Finger Tips

Scrubcheats includes 56 laminated, color-coded, clinical reference cheatsheets for nurses.

Feel confident in clinical.

Find the "must-know" info fast!

Your Best Friend In Nursing School

Fits right inside your scrub pocket.

Nurse "proof" lamination.

What's On The Scrubcheats?