ScrubCheats Expansion Pack Med-Surg
ScrubCheats Expansion Pack Med-Surg
ScrubCheats Expansion Pack Med-Surg

ScrubCheats Expansion Pack Med-Surg

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We’ve talked to many of you about what NRSNG could do to make your nursing school journey more successful and what tools we could provide you to give you the confidence you need.

A lot of feedback centered around offering more ScrubCheats in a wide variety of topics. We heard you.

Introducing...ScrubCheats Expansion Pack Med-Surg. With the same great features as the ScrubCheats Starter Pack, this laminated, full color, and color-coded expansion pack, matches the corresponding nursing categories in the ScrubCheats Starter Pack, it’s pocket-sized, making it a perfect addition. Easily organized with a quick reference table of contents, this makes a great addition to any ScrubCheats pack.

  • 9 nursing categories with 26 concepts
    • Cardiac
      • Coronary circulation
      • CV intervention - nursing care
      • RAAS and cardiac drug
    • Gastrointestinal
      • Colostomy care
      • Abdominal pain - assessment
      • UC vs Crohn’s disease
      • Types of dialysis
      • Types of viral hepatitis
    • Hematology/oncology/Immunology
      • Types of anemia
      • Cancer quick tips
    • Integumentary
      • Burn staging
      • Types of skin cancer
      • Skin lesions
    • Labs
      • Fluid and electrolytes
    • Metabolic/Endocrine
      • Endocrine system study chart
      • DKA vs HHNS
      • Addison’s vs Cushing’s
      • Hyper vs Hypothyroidism
    • Muscular
      • Fracture management
    • Neuro
      • Routine neuro assessments
    • Respiratory
      • Gas exchange
      • Asthma medications
      • Steps for vaccine administration
      • Artificial airways decision tree
      • Ventilator alarms
      • Chest tube management

Start feeling organized and crush it in clinicals!

*Please note that the ring and storage box do not come with the Expansion Packs.