ScrubCheats Expansion Pack Pathophysiology Two

ScrubCheats Expansion Pack Pathophysiology Two

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We’ve talked to many of you about what NRSNG could do to make your nursing school journey more successful and what tools we could provide you to give you the confidence you need.

A lot of feedback centered around offering more ScrubCheats in a wide variety of topics. We heard you.

Introducing...ScrubCheats Expansion Pack Pathophysiology Two.  With the same great features as the ScrubCheats Starter Pack: Laminated, full color, color coded to match your Pathophysiology section in the ScrubCheats Starter Pack, pocket size, and essential information.

  • Created by practicing ICU and ER nurses
    • Assuring all medical references are accurate and up-to-date with EBP (evidence based practices)
  • Laminated or as we say at NURSING.com “Nurse Proof”

    • for easy clean up with hospital grade sani wipes
    • add additional notes to ScrubCheats cards
  • Pathophysiology topics include:
  1. Heart failure

  2. Myocardial infarction

  3. Hypertension

  4. Endocarditis

  5. Hepatitis

  6. Pancreatitis

  7. Peptic ulcer disease

  8. Acute kidney injury

  9. Renal calculi

  10. Benign prostatic hypertension

  11. Anemia

  12. Sickle cell anemia

  13. Lupus

  14. Thrombocytopenia

  15. Cushing’s

  16. Diabetes

  17. Rheumatoid arthritis

  18. Gout

  19. Stroke

  20. Seizure

  21. Spinal cord injury

  22. Meningitis

  23. Asthma

  24. COPD

  25. ARDS

  26. Influenza

Start feeling organized and crush it in clinicals!

*Please note that the ring and storage box do not come with the Expansion Packs.