The Complete Bundle
The Complete Bundle
The Complete Bundle
The Complete Bundle

The Complete Bundle

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  • ✅ Comprehensive Learning Resources: Gain access to over 6,500 Nursing Practice Questions, 2,000+ HD Video Lessons, and 2,100+ Study Tools to ensure a thorough understanding of nursing concepts.
  • ✅ NCLEX Mastery: Prepare confidently with 5 SIMCLEX attempts, bridging the gap between classroom knowledge and NCLEX success.
  • ✅ Quick Reference with Scrubcheats: 56 pocket-sized nursing reference flashcards offer instant access to essential information for classroom and clinical use.
  • ✅ Seven Best Selling Books: Comprehensive NCLEX Review, 140 Must Know Meds, Nursing Mnemonics, Nursing Cheatsheets, 63 Must Know Lab Values, Nursing Assessments, New Nurse Survival Guide
  • ✅ On-the-Go Studying: Study whenever and wherever with the mobile app, turning your downtime into productive learning moments.

7 Best Selling Books:

  • NCLEX Book: Comprehensive NCLEX review book to help you prepare for your licensing exam.
  • Nursing Cheatsheets: Handy cheatsheets with essential nursing information.
  • 140 Must Know Meds: A reference guide containing information on 140 common medications.
  • 63 Lab Values: 63 Must-Know lab values.
  • Nursing Assessment: The fundamentals of nursing assessments.
  • New Nurse Survival Guide: A guide to help new nurses navigate their first year of nursing practice.
  • Nursing Mnemonics: A collection of memory aids to simplify complex nursing concepts. Exclusive Merchandise:

  • You Can Do This tumbler
  • Happy Nursing backpack.